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A wild pupper decided a hat was the only way she could keep cool in this weather...

To the best pupper a man could ask for... Until we meet again old friend...

Finally finished shifting my Mastodon over to my families shared system (I'm now 🐘 and I've fired up a relay for any ActivityPub supporting system over at

My response to people who tell me disability discrimination isn't a thing. Well done @Tesco.

Sitting in a hospital and having doctors and nurses recognise me by name. My only thought is that while I enjoy the attention, I've spent a lot of time here over the last 7 weeks.

So, what's stopping all of us (the British public) from putting in a quid each, buying @Channel4 and making it a public interest company. A broadcaster that literally, works for us. Discuss.

Day ∞ of me trying to explain why people with disabilities shouldn't have to disclose deeply personal things about themselves, or be forced to use workarounds, or send an e-mail or *ask* someone to get bare minimum accessibility standards in things they want to use.

I have no idea how @TalkTalk still exist. Register a fault, noise on line causing broadband de-sync and poor call quality (REP-11022511 if you see this TalkTalk). Fault still present when using the test socket behind the master. Engineer visits and verifies. TalkTalk:

What happens when a colleague decides that I need to co-ordinate with the dogs... Because obviously.

Near Bradford? Check out the @Cloudflare Chaotic Pendulum at @MediaMuseum from the 11th of February 2022 until 5th June 2022 as part of the Top Secret: From Ciphers to Cyber Security exhibit! More information at

Near Bradford? Check out the @Cloudflare Chaotic Pendulum at @MediaMuseum from the 11th of February 2022 until 5th June 2022 as part of the Top Secret: From Cyphers to Cyber Security exhibit! More information at

When I've spent the first week of my vacation bashing my head against a self hosted copy of monica and Health and Safety documentation for a local museum. Not how I expected my time off to be.

Managed to get @andrewgall2010 to sit down and watch the Dan Brown novel inspired films, pretty impressed he managed to sit still 🤣

Dear Christmas Light Manufacturers,

Next year, I would like compensation for my time re-soldering connections inside your devices to fix your dodge soldering jobs.


I've never been so proud of my disability after watching Strictly Come Dancing. Being hard of hearing has always made life more difficult, and in lots of cases, opened me up to abuse from others. Maybe you can all see now just how capable we are.

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Day out to watch the Blues with my brother @matthewgall. Cheers for the tickets @rhysblumberg . I owe you one!

Which means entertaining my boss, two recently gray-clouded colleagues and some of my actual colleagues. Some people would assume I'm a social butterfly. I'm not.

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People hear I'm back in town, my empty calendar suddenly fills up. My liver is totally not going to be happy with me by Wednesday.

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