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In the words of Stephen Hawking... try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. Look up at the stars and not at your feet.

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Today we witness not just @inspiration4x returning to Earth, but the start of a world where Space is within reach of you and me. And that is exciting.

See you around old timer, hopefully barking at people in a better place.

Sitting back pretty smug at the news regarding Kape, ExpressVPN and PIA. This is why I recommend Mullvad or OVPN.

It has begun... With the start of the powering off of my ADSB feeder station while it's relocated

Tell people I'm back in London, calendar fills up with lunches and dinners. Feels like getting back to normal.

Please can someone re-home this ball of fluff from @DT_Bridgend before I have to. Met Spot today while donating blankets and pillows to the residents and what a MVP. I can't re-home him myself for a few months, but damn he needs a good home or I'll have to.

RT @ashleymcnamara
The first question I ask people when they start reporting to me is, “how do you like to be managed?”

Your management style should adapt to the individual not the other way around.

I have to say, since removing social media from my phones / using them only on my laptop, I'm so much more relaxed than I was. Maybe it's the removal of the constant doom scrolling or glimpsing at humanity. It's genuinely refreshing.

Sad times when I have to change a colleague's group in my contact manager to ex-colleague. Sad panda.

Looks like I'm going to have to buy a new iPad as my iPad Mini 2 appears to no longer be receiving iOS updates. Still fully functional. Planned obsolescence is real.

Someone called me childish today. I was so shocked I nearly spat out my Nesquik strawberry milk.

Me wondering why some of my things were loading slower only periodically... Look at the load balancer... Oh, 30 second TTL. Why did I do this to myself.

RT @intheskies_live
We're testing out our streaming platform! Join us on Twitch (we're still fighting with YouTube)...

Had to be raining when I wanted to go and test my streaming setup. Suppose I'm spending the day building an IP66/67 equipment box for all weather use.

There is only one thing more boring than watching paint dry.... Watching a RAID array rebuild. Come onnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Alright, I'm taking @intheskies_live to @Cardiff_Airport for @cwlflyin this weekend to test out my streaming setup. No idea what we'll see, but maybe some cool stuff.

Today has been a mess driving my hate for cars, batteries and humanity to their limits. Now to eat Chinese food and pretend that humans don't exist.

Bought a carpet cleaner, like a real one, not like a spot cleaner. I feel that by being excited about this, I have now passed adulting 101.

The temptation to go and take my live streaming setup and have a go at plane spotting at @Cardiff_Airport is pretty tempting. Schedule tomorrow looks pretty light though.

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