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The first question I ask people when they start reporting to me is, “how do you like to be managed?”

Your management style should adapt to the individual not the other way around.

I have to say, since removing social media from my phones / using them only on my laptop, I'm so much more relaxed than I was. Maybe it's the removal of the constant doom scrolling or glimpsing at humanity. It's genuinely refreshing.

Sad times when I have to change a colleague's group in my contact manager to ex-colleague. Sad panda.

Looks like I'm going to have to buy a new iPad as my iPad Mini 2 appears to no longer be receiving iOS updates. Still fully functional. Planned obsolescence is real.

Someone called me childish today. I was so shocked I nearly spat out my Nesquik strawberry milk.

Me wondering why some of my things were loading slower only periodically... Look at the load balancer... Oh, 30 second TTL. Why did I do this to myself.

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We're testing out our streaming platform! Join us on Twitch (we're still fighting with YouTube)...

Had to be raining when I wanted to go and test my streaming setup. Suppose I'm spending the day building an IP66/67 equipment box for all weather use.

There is only one thing more boring than watching paint dry.... Watching a RAID array rebuild. Come onnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Alright, I'm taking @intheskies_live to @Cardiff_Airport for @cwlflyin this weekend to test out my streaming setup. No idea what we'll see, but maybe some cool stuff.

Today has been a mess driving my hate for cars, batteries and humanity to their limits. Now to eat Chinese food and pretend that humans don't exist.

Bought a carpet cleaner, like a real one, not like a spot cleaner. I feel that by being excited about this, I have now passed adulting 101.

The temptation to go and take my live streaming setup and have a go at plane spotting at @Cardiff_Airport is pretty tempting. Schedule tomorrow looks pretty light though.

Three days of just me and the dogs, bliss.

Wearing a suit, opportunity to photobomb presents itself? Opportunity taken.

How many backup systems are too many for a live stream production. I'm up to two systems, five different data transit providers (wireless, 4 X 4G connections), a gazillion wires and a small part of my sanity looking at it.

Spent the last 15 minutes reading this, and gosh... A literal rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts. Well worth a read.

Say you have a shopping problem, without *saying* you have a shopping problem

When it's too warm to sleep, spend time upgrading iLO and BIOS firmware on my Gen 8's. Such a nerd.

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