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Say you have a shopping problem, without *saying* you have a shopping problem

When it's too warm to sleep, spend time upgrading iLO and BIOS firmware on my Gen 8's. Such a nerd.

When code I wrote in 2017 comes and bites me in the rear. Good job 2017 Matthew... Good damn job.

It can't just be me that warns people who want to meet me that I'm *far* more disappointing in person than I look.

Watching @virgingalactic on @NASASpaceflight was mindblowing. Absolutely mindblowing.

This should explain what I've been up to for the last 24 hours. Serious cleanup of my surroundings to make way for change.

When you can't spell anonymously correctly in the product description on Google Play, you probably have to doubt how "anonymous" this is.
RT @TerrorismPolice
is a new free app allowing people to anonymously report online content promoting violent extremism. Download it today so you’ve got it when you need it.


Today in me, time to wind up a scammer. I wonder when the penny will drop as to who I picked as a character here :)

When what you're trying to buy is so obscure that eBay is literally the only place to find it. That's when you know you're screwed. Better not get scammed or I'll be pissed.

Just a friendly nudge to those that took part in the Keybase XLM drop, you got like 300 quid worth of coin just laying around. Free money is free money. Thank one later.

All in between sorting my paperwork, and archiving some of my social media accounts that I'm not going to use any longer.

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Finally made the last couple of tweaks to No API calls, all done locally in a Worker. Enjoy.

Well that went exactly as expected. Got a usage alert from Dropbox saying I was near my 3TB limit.

me: *wat*
also me: *shit, did I setup expiring backups for my gitea install*

I look

me: *nope*

I set it up

dropbox: You are now using 658GB

Unfortunately for @EE I'm still in my cooling off period, so I'm dumping them right now.
EE to reintroduce Europe roaming charges in January

Well done hayfever, you're really doing me a solid right now. I've been asked twice why I'm "crying". Who is crying, I don't have emotions. I'm just having my ass handed to me by pollen.

Today vacation project, ordered two Xeon E3-1260L's to upgrade my HP Proliant G8 microservers, and 2x16GB ECC RAM kits to max them out.

Day one of my vacation... Broke a mug. How to over engineer fixing it with super glue....

Vacation mode me is active, work phone is off, out of office email is on. Uninstalled most of my distracting social media apps. Equipment for a project is ordered. Overdue holiday is go. See ya in two weeks 🏃‍♂️

The moment I know @andrewgall2010 is back home... Place smells like the apron of an airport. A mix of avgas and skydrol.

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