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Oh lord, someone found a Polaroid taken of me like 5 years ago when we had a team wall in the old Cloudflare office... I look so younggggggg.

My colleagues found a gift they bought me for my birthday (in March)... It's nondescript and they won't tell me what the hell it is.... me:

RT @andybudd
The podcast host, who did a stint at Facebook, on a product team trying to deal with these ethical challenges, explains that products teams largely have two metrics. Increasing engagement meant and minimising harm. However engagement typically trumps harm.

I love the tweets saying the song by the UK was "better" and they don't understand why we're on zero.... Reaaaaaaaalllllllly. Reallllllllllllly. You don'tttttt.

I'm saying it... Those that have to wear back braces will agree... The sensation of removing a back brace at the end of the day is easily the best moment of my life. Freedom for the spine.

Had to be my knee decided to give me fun again... Hello knee brace my old friend. And its friend, questions about why I'm limping by people who don't have medical degrees.

Wondered why none of my TOTP was working on my desktop I hadn't powered on for 18 months. Oh, it's massively out of sync as the NTP server it was using was decomm'd. Sigh.

Today in banter... this code has a bug. Can you find it?

I'm loving watching my @PhishingFyi code discover and report phishing as it goes, and then that phishing being removed by providers. Nifty.

I've literally spent all day working out how to spend more money than HMRC want... to not have to give HMRC money. My life is now complete.

I’ve totally not spent the last hour going down a crazy, crazy glittery sparkley, sometimes singing turkey Eurovision song listening YouTube trip. Send help.

I finally got around to watching Palm Springs on Prime Video. Damn that movie hits way too close to the feels. Lucky I don’t have tear ducts or emotions.

What a time for someone at Openreach to cut my cable for the internet. Boooooo.

Had my Astrazenica vaccine yesterday... Today, write off. Chills, headache and just tired as all hell. Would I still get it? Yes. Hell, I'd get it if it was 5 shots in my rear, and I had to listen to Taylor Swift for an hour after each one while being punched in the face.

I just spent 40 minutes listening to this and honestly, this... is the untold story of what my work in Trust & Safety involves. Worth a listen to what me, and others in this industry look at and experience every second, of every day...

Boom, finally managed to get a partner onboard in my theatre meets technology concept. I'm actually quite excited now. It's going to be fun. Next weekend, full end to end test of the tech stack.

mood: watching every episode of Columbo. Bless you Peter Faulk

Man, I went on a YouTube trip and I kinda want to try gymnastics, but I'm neither that flexible, and I kinda don't want to die.

Finally finished my proof of concept version for my theatre meets technology concept. A few things to work out logistically but I'm actually quite proud of this.

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