Managed to get @andrewgall2010 to sit down and watch the Dan Brown novel inspired films, pretty impressed he managed to sit still 🤣

Dear Christmas Light Manufacturers,

Next year, I would like compensation for my time re-soldering connections inside your devices to fix your dodge soldering jobs.


I've never been so proud of my disability after watching Strictly Come Dancing. Being hard of hearing has always made life more difficult, and in lots of cases, opened me up to abuse from others. Maybe you can all see now just how capable we are.

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Day out to watch the Blues with my brother @matthewgall. Cheers for the tickets @rhysblumberg . I owe you one!

Which means entertaining my boss, two recently gray-clouded colleagues and some of my actual colleagues. Some people would assume I'm a social butterfly. I'm not.

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People hear I'm back in town, my empty calendar suddenly fills up. My liver is totally not going to be happy with me by Wednesday.

Finally got around to setting up Nitter, so I can get some of that sweet RSS. Open to all at (proxied by Cloudflare) or (for no proxy, for the privacy conscious)

America reopening to vaccinated on the 8th of November... I totally need to road trip my way over there.

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Hey Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 there is a new Discord dedicated to Welsh techies, come join us

Well looks like I'm gonna have to adopt this bundle of fluff who somehow has not found his forever home yet... Humanity you disappoint me.

Yesterdays job, tracing wiring and pneumatic harnesses of this engineering simulator to get it working again.... Tomorrow's job, not losing my hand energising the pneumatics accidentally again.

Alright electronics tweeps, looking for a good quality bench power supply that isn't going to break the bank. Anyone got any recommendations?

Looking at you @Gadgetoid as the lord of all things electronic hacks.

Requesting faucet funds into 0x223f124580a58BC797f4ED259c05405e2d2eE1d8 on the test network.

Today's lesson, don't try and run OBS in a Docker container Ubuntu LXDE environment, it'll CPU thrash like nobody's business

On the anniversary of my start at @Cloudflare 7 years ago today, we launch new products (probably to celebrate me joining, understandable). Today, we launch dark mode for the dashboard!

It has begun, I'm coding in go to fix hard coded values in a docker driver. Sad panda.

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