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See you around old timer, hopefully barking at people in a better place.

It has begun... With the start of the powering off of my ADSB feeder station while it's relocated

Please can someone re-home this ball of fluff from @DT_Bridgend before I have to. Met Spot today while donating blankets and pillows to the residents and what a MVP. I can't re-home him myself for a few months, but damn he needs a good home or I'll have to.

Sad times when I have to change a colleague's group in my contact manager to ex-colleague. Sad panda.

Wearing a suit, opportunity to photobomb presents itself? Opportunity taken.

Say you have a shopping problem, without *saying* you have a shopping problem

Watching @virgingalactic on @NASASpaceflight was mindblowing. Absolutely mindblowing.

This should explain what I've been up to for the last 24 hours. Serious cleanup of my surroundings to make way for change.

When you can't spell anonymously correctly in the product description on Google Play, you probably have to doubt how "anonymous" this is.
RT @TerrorismPolice
is a new free app allowing people to anonymously report online content promoting violent extremism. Download it today so you’ve got it when you need it.


Today in me, time to wind up a scammer. I wonder when the penny will drop as to who I picked as a character here :)

Day one of my vacation... Broke a mug. How to over engineer fixing it with super glue....

Looks like G-NWOI (@NPASSouthWest) is out and about over Llantwit Major. No idea what they're out for right now.

Oh lord, someone found a Polaroid taken of me like 5 years ago when we had a team wall in the old Cloudflare office... I look so younggggggg.

My colleagues found a gift they bought me for my birthday (in March)... It's nondescript and they won't tell me what the hell it is.... me:

Today in banter... this code has a bug. Can you find it?

After a few hiccups (sorry users from TravisCI), all my stuff is back being served by the picluster, dual homed for redundancy with quad etcd redundancy. Overkill, but I love it.

Finally got around to adding independent control nodes to the picluster to repair quorum issues... So much RAM in here with 15 Raspberry Pi 4 8GB

One does enjoy when skids try and phish my work phone. Why even try skids if you're gonna make them look this shitty...

@Namecheap QNC-507-97196 for the report

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