So happy this works too.... I know it's nerdy, but yeah, come at me.

@me Oh wow, it's software to retrieve information regarding flights right?
A personal project or work related if i may ask?

@xaetacore Personal project, I'm on vacation. In reality all I actually wanted of the library was to take a city or municipality and return the closest airport IATA/ICAO code. Now I'm expanding it to do airport frequency support, runway support and eventually schedule support, ideally fully offline with no dependencies

@me Awesome!, so your entering a scope creep i assume


@xaetacore Not really, it actually will fit into another personal project I'm working on with a family friend who operates an MRO on an airport locally to me (EGFF). Think live streaming of the PAN area outside a hangar with an AR visualisation of aircraft flying overhead in frame.

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@me Must be hard getting your hands on good data during this crisis, many flights are cancelled, at least the consumer flights.

@xaetacore Luckily, data is pretty readily available. Especially when I have an ADS-B receiver operating range of about 230Nmi ( to play with

@me Is that a pubic receiver? It reminds me of those Open Antennas for low frequency spectrum analysis that you can publicly use.

@xaetacore Indeed, this feeds to flightradar24, flightaware, adsbexchange and RadarBox. So if you're on any of these websites, chances are you're using data collected by a receiver about 3m away from where I'm typing :)

@xaetacore So EGFF is less than 2 miles away from me. EGSY a family friend operates an MRO is 8 minutes on my electric scooter :)

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